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04/30/2003 Entry: "Starting Education !"

Taylor started at Cruwys Cherubs today, which is his new pre-school. He will be attending twice a week to begin with on Wednesdays and Fridays, for 3 hours a day.

cherub (13k image)

When we got there, he ran in to play with the toys. So much so, Clare and I had to call him back to say goodbye to him. Guess he is going to enjoy school !!

He had a busy day today, as we go to Tumble Tots at 11am, and then Cherubs from 12:30pm. I expected him to fall asleep on the way home from school, but he didn't he stayed awake. He got to go to bed early tonight though, and was put down at 6:40, and was fast asleep by 6:41 !!

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"Put down" !!!!!!!

Posted by Grampie @ 04/30/2003 10:27 PM GMT

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