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04/05/2003 Entry: "Super Taylor"

I got an email from Uncle Trev, with a little story about the last time Taylor went to visit him.

Just a quick story about your son. I was looking after Taylor last sunday, when I went outside to put out some rubbish. Taylor was behind me when he shut the front door, seeing as I had no keys on me and no mobile, I was looking through the letterbox, Taylor was grining back at me thinking it was funny, seeing me through the letterbox. I remembered that I left some keys under Sarah`s jacket which was hanging on the end of the bannister. I then got SUPER TAYLOR to pull the jacket down and release the keys. Taylor then picked up the keys and posted them through the letterbox, how relieved was I. He definitely deserve a milky bar treat !!!

Lots of love Uncle Trev x x

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