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09/02/2001 Entry: "This afternoon at the craft fair."

This afternoon Taylor, Robyn, Auntie Lyn and Mummy went to a craft fair at Bromley. Taylor had his first ride on a merry-go-round, he sat on the car next to Mummy and looked very proud of himself!! until it started to move - once he got used to it he seemed to love it. He also played on a bouncy castle, bouncy slide and a hot air space where balloons floated around. Taylor was very impressed with it. Taylor also did a spiral painting all by himself which looks very good and will go on his bedroom wall. Robyn was very good and slept the whole way round, I'm sure next year when she's bigger she can go on the rides too!!!

Taylor can now clap his hands, whenever he hears the words "good boy"" or "well done" he gives himself a clap. He even claps his hands when he is being naughty and doing something he shouldn't. We can all tell what he is gong to be like when he is older!!!

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