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09/02/2001 Entry: "Sarah and Trevors Wedding"

Clare was invited to Sarah Quigley's Wedding to Trevor yesterday. We spent an age finding something for Clare to wear. We went shopping to Blue Water a few weeks back and spent the day searching. I just looked in my wardrobe just before it was time to go, and put something smart on.

I was working during the day, and Grandma and Gramps looked after Taylor and Robyn for the day. They looked shattered when I came to take over, and drive them over to the reception. They volunteered to look after Taylor again next Saturday, although that was before yesterday. They might change their minds now they know what's involved.....

Taylor, Robyn, Clare, Lyn and I had a great time at the reception. Taylors second wedding in as many months. They were both very good, got lots of attention from the bride, and guests. Most of the Nannies were there, and I heard all sorts of stories about the hen weekend !!! I sure Clare didn't really do the things they said ;-) Taylor went to sleep around 10pm, (and Clare stayed awake which is unusual) and woke this morning at about 9:45am. I guess he must have tired himself out by dancing with all the girls. He is getting used to going to all these parties, I wonder what the next one will be?

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