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08/30/2001 Entry: "Progress report"

On Tuesday this week, Robyn and I had a busy day, it started by getting lots of boring jobs done, and then taking Grannie to work and doing a bot of shopping. We then went along to the baby clinic to see how much weight Robyn has gained in the last 2 weeks, she was a good girl getting undressed, and she now weighs 8lb 13oz, which means that she has gained over an onze a day!! I also had her length measured, and she has grown 3cm since she was born, making her now 54cms long! this is slightly above average, (I don't know where she gets her height from?!! I asked the health visitor about her trapped wind and the pain it is causing her, and she suggested tryng gripe water as well as Infacol, and that hopefully she will grow out of having trapped wind in the next few weeks.

We then met up with Sarah A, and did what girls do best .... shopping.

Yesterday was a fairly relaxed day which was spent with Robyn's Auntie Clare and cousin Taylor, She is getting very clingly, and much prefers to be having cuddles while she is sleeping, not lying on her own!! And so she wakes everytime she is put down, even when you think she is dead to the world!! This is not very helpful when you want to get things done!

Today Robyn and I have had a long day, we picked up Tina at 9.45am, and drove over to Ashford, in Kent, it took an hour to get there, which Robyn managed to sleep for, but then she was generally awake for the whole time we were there, and we didn't leave until 5pm. Tonight she was over-tired and so took a little longer to settle, and she tried the gripe water for the first time, which she didn't think was very nice, (I don't blame her, I tasted a bit and it was horrid) Generally she is doing really well during the night now, she is asleep between 8.30-9.30pm, sleeps through her midnight bottle, and then begins to stir around 4.30am for her next bottle, but over the last couple of days, that time has been getting later and later, and last night she didn't wake properly until 5.35am!! Thats not bad going I think. thats nearly 9 hours sleep!

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