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08/26/2001 Entry: "Robyn's 4th week"

Since the last entry, Robyn is now settling down much better at night, I have discovered that her problem was trapped wind, which was giving her a lot of pain in her tummy, (quite upsetting to watch, as you could only do so much to try and bring the wind up) So on Tuesday I introduced Infacol which I give her before each of her feeds, and this is helping, unfortunately it is also makes her a little bit more sick, usually over my bedsheets at 4 o'clock in the morning!! But I can live with that, it's better than seeing her in pain.
She is becoming a very social little girl, going to the park, Waddon Ponds, music, friends houses, and even arts and crafts afternoon, although she couldn't actually participate, she watched intently.

Yesterday she had a rough morning (it started at 5am!!) as she has got the sniffles, and found it very hard to settle, and everytime she did fall asleep when having cuddles, as soon as she was put down she woke and you had to start from scratch again, to calm her down!! hence not a lot got done, and I was still in my nightie at 4pm!! once she had caught up on a couple of hours sleep, she went to her first Birthday party!! Kieran's who was one, although she didn't win pass the parcel! she did receive a party bag!! Then came home and went to bed, all partied out! She must have been exhausted as she slept from 9pm - 5.15am !!

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