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09/09/2001 Entry: "Robyn's latest adventures"

Last night Clare and I went out for Barbara's Birthday, and dressed up as st Trinian's, we went over
to Chicago's in Epsom, as so not to be recognised by anyone we know! So Robyn was looked after by Grannie and Gramps, (who had had Taylor that afternoon, and were getting tired) unfortunately, Robyn
had decided that se wasn't particually tired, and so decided that she wasn't going to go to sleep,
instead, she gave them lovely big smiles at 10pm, with very wide eyes, not quite what they had in mind<
although very nice. She finally gave in at 10.45pm. I returned about 2am and managed to get nearly
4 hours sleep ( it took me a while to wind down from a great evening) before Robyn decided it was time for the next day to start! Robyn is very smiley now, and you can't help but smile back, even if you are trying to convince her it's time for sleep, (either at 8.30pm or 5.30am)
Robyn's head control is really coming on now, and she's always trying to stand!! I keep telling her that she is too little and 6 week old babies shouldn't be doing this, But she just gives me funny looks, and looks the other way!! ( girls seem to master this "I'm not listening" look at a very early age!!)
I had Robyn weighed on Thursday and she is now 9lb 4oz, it's amazing how fast she's growing,
I am going to put her bottles up another ounce tomorrow.

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