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09/04/2003 Entry: "Isle of Wight"

Taylor, Clare and I, spent two days visiting Clares Aunt Judy, and Uncle David, at their wonderful house on the Isle of Wight just recently. We all had a great time, although in a summer that has been just about 100% sun, we managed to pick the only two days that it rained, for our trip. Still, that didn't stop us enjoying ourselves.

train (34k image)

We had a day at BlackGang Chine and this is where Taylor had a great time, playing on the Dinosaurs, and Lions (!!), and walking around the various other attractions. He particularly liked the Train, and Stagecoach in the Wild West section.

We came back on the ferry Friday Night, ready for me to go to work on Saturday morning. Taylor and Clare slept all the way home. We had a great time, so thank you to Aunt Judy, and Uncle David.

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