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04/24/2002 Entry: "Special Treat"

Taylor was given a special trip to see Grandad Anderton and stay with him for a couple of days at the weekend. He is so lucky..... Well, Ok, Clare and I were very lucky, as we were being treated to a weekend away, and Grandad Anderton volunteered to look after Taylor from the Friday night, to Sunday afternoon. He was very tired at the end of it :-)

Clare and I had a great time at Stone Manor Hotel, with our Jacuzzi Bath, and Shower, and Breakfast in Bed. It was bliss. We ate far too much while we were there, and didn't really have the energy to do a great deal. We did manage to go and see Taylor on the Saturday, as Pat and Jade were over, and it was an oportunity to see them. We also bumped into Andrew and Liz, and kids, from over the road, and they all looked very well (Joseph has just got over measles..) Joseph even said "Hello", although that was about the only word he knew ;-)

We finished the weekend with a meal at the Robin Hood, before making our way home, ready for work on Monday morning. What a great break though.

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