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04/12/2002 Entry: "Pukey Girl"

Just lately Robyn is being a sicky girl (picking up from where Taylor left off!) I think this is due to her new found freedom. She has now perfected the art of crawling and wants to do this continulusly, even when she has just eaten, so she leaves little deposits all over the place and then preceeds to crawl through them!!

She has also learnt how to pull herself to standing by holding on to something with all her might, then hauling herself up to kneeling, then standing, this is fine although she doesn't care what she uses to do this, poor Kizzie is losing clumps of fur!!! (she is so tolerant) foldaway tables fall down on top of her, as they can't take her wieght. Her other problem at the moment is once she has pulled herself up, she's so busy looking around and grinning that she forgets to hold on, and consequently falls back down with a thud, she is beginning to get her share of bumps and brusies!

Next Monday she is going to start doing Gymbabes (like Taylor) I'm sure she will love it now she crawls.

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