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09/22/2001 Entry: "New Teeth, and Crawling"

Taylor has another new tooth poking through, to the right of his top middle teeth. This is his fifth in all. I think he is sort of getting used to this feeling of a new tooth, because even though he makes a fuss about it, it is nothing like it was for the first two.

He is also crawling quite well now. When you watch him, he looks very unsteady, and goes just a couple of crawls, and then stops, and sits up, giving you the impression that he isn't very good yet. Then, when your back is turned, he ZOOMS over to somewhere dangerous, and we have to rush after him to stop him breaking peoples vases and things.

He has also found drawers. Now I know that sounds strange, but he likes to open, and then close drawers. Every now and then he gets his fingers caught, but he is learning. He has ignored the contents for quite a while, but is now venturing inside. My bedroom drawer is more stubborn than Clares, so it is Clares that he plays with most, and in turn plays with her clothes. I think Clare should use that drawer for non-essential clothes......

Taylor now claps his hands lots and likes you to do round and round the garden on his hand. He thinks this is very funny. So when I give him my hand for him to do it to me, he picks up my finger as I do it to him!!!

Taylor had his barium x-ray on Wednesday, he was not impressed in the least and screamed the place down as he had to be held down by two of us. The x-ray showed that he hasn't got reflux and his digestive system is ok, which is good news; but back to square one on why he is still being sick. Although he is getting a little bit better and not quite as bad as he used to be.

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