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09/20/2001 Entry: "Robyn's 1st Injections"

Today Robyn had her 8 week check and injections, everything was fine, and she was a really
good girl, she now wieghs 10lbs 1 oz, she didn't mind being undressed then poked and prodded,
and even managed to catch 10 minutes sleep before having her jabs, where she barely cried at
all. Tonight however her left leg has become quite red and a little swollen, and she has been
a bit distressed, it doesn't help that she has the sniffles at he moment too.
she has had her first taste of calpol today and is now fast asleep, (hopefully for the night!).

Robyn is growing so quickly now, and I've had to buy her quite a few new outfits this week, as
a lot of her things are either too small now, or not warm enough now that the weather has
changed, still shopping for baby clothes is one of my favourite pastimes, so I don't mind!!

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