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08/23/2001 Entry: "Bad day for Taylor"

Yesterday was a bad day for Taylor. He was more sick than he usually is. Clare is wonderful. She takes Taylor to work with her, and manages to do a full time job, as well as looking after him. Every now and then Taylor has a bad day, and this in turn makes it difficult for Clare, but she copes wonderfully. I am not sure that I would be quite as calm if it were me.

Taylor did manage to say "dada" though, last night. I was sitting on the bed saying "dada dada" as you do, and then looked away, and he said it. You can't imagine the joy that I felt at that moment, unless you have experience it yourself. It was a wonderful feeling, and it was shared by both myself and Clare. He is also able to clap his hands I have been told (although he hasn't done it for me yet)

Well, Taylor gets to stay with me today, so I'd better go to bed and get some sleep, before he wakes up, and demands my attention (in the nicest possible way)

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