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08/16/2001 Entry: "Robyn's first entry"

This week has been quite a busy one for Robyn, on Monday we went out for lunch with nanny Tina at Pizza hut, and Auntie Clare popped round in the afternoon for a quick "munch", then in the evening we had nanny Lee, and Jane over, and helped put Robyn to bed. On Tuesday, we went to the park and met up with some of the other Nannies, and watched the magician, Mr Sausage. (Not as good as her Uncle Gordon!) after that we went to the baby clinic, to see how much Robyn now weighs, and all the others mums thought she was adorable and so cute, the Health visitor was pleased with her progress and she now weighs 7lb 13oz, a total gain of 12oz from her birth weight! On Wednesday Robyn went to her first sports day! that the music group of nannies had organised, although she didn't actually win a race, she enjoyed being in the fresh air, unfortunatly due to the hot weather, she then got very unsettled, and had a restless day. Last night however, she went to bed at 9pm, followed closely by a shattered mum, and slept right through until 5am!!! Mummy was awake at 4am, waiting for her to stir!, she then went back to sleep and gave mummy a lie in until 8.45am!
Today - Thursday, we had a fairly leisurely morning and then went over to see Andy and the girls, but all Robyn wanted to do was Sleep!, which she has done for almost the whole day, so I guess Mummy won't have such a good night tonight!!
Tomorrow, we are joining the rest of the family, and having a family portrait taken, which will be lovely, hopefully Mummy won't have bags under her eyes!!

On a general note, Robyn is doing really well, she's putting on lots of weight, and seems to be growing so quickly, Mummy has already had to take some of the tiny baby clothes out of her drawers as they no longer fit!! She sleeps quite well, and is starting to get a bedtime routine, only 1 out of 4/5 nights tends to be really bad, the others form a pattern of waking between 3-4am then again between 6/7am. She is getting a lot hungrier as each day passes, and even polished of 5oz of milk this lunchtime!!

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