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Tuesday, December 31, 2002 : Thomas the Tank Engine Live Tour

On Sunday 29th December, Clare, Taylor, Mark (Grandad) and myself went to see Thomas Live, at the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham. It was fantastic. Full size trains (nearly), lots of music and movement, and to top it all off, Taylor watched all 45 minutes of the first half, and 30 minutes of the second half without getting restless. Not bad for a 2 year old.

S0027041-1 (7k image)

If you get a chance the see this show then do. It is going around the country, and you can see tour dates here: Tour Dates. For more information on the show, check out the Thomas and Friends website: www.thomasthetankengine.com

I think even Grandad enjoyed it :-)

Posted by Gordon @ 12:00 AM GMT

Sunday, December 15, 2002 : The Plaster Cast

He is doing ever so well with his cast. It is very anoying for him when he goes to bed, as it takes him time to find a comfortable position, and also when he has a bath, as it is not allowed to get wet. Apart from that, he is battling on, without bringing much attention to it, just like his dad would (!)

I gave him a small box of raisins, which he held in his good hand, and took a raisin with his bad hand. He then found that his hand wouldn't go to his mouth, and because of the cast going over his elbow, the best he could do, was to put it in his left ear, as that was in the arc that his arm could manage. After I stopped laughing, I helped him by transfering the box to his bad hand, at which point he said "ahh"

For such an observant, and clever lad, he can be a donut sometimes.

Posted by Gordon @ 09:59 PM GMT

Thursday, December 12, 2002 : Get Well Card

I thought I would share this with you all. Peter McCahon, a magician friend of mine, spent time drawing this cartoon for Taylor. Check out the right arm, it even has a bandage on it. Thank you Pete.

getwell (26k image)

Posted by Gordon @ 10:12 PM GMT

Wednesday, December 11, 2002 : A&E again

It would seem we spend quite a bit of time waiting to be seen at Mayday Hospital for one reason or another. Today saw us there again.

Taylor has been getting very clever just recently. He has discovered that if he empties his bin of nappies (I know, don't get me started), he can turn the base upside down, and then, when he stands on it, it gives him enough height to get over the gate on the door. However, today he fell badley on the other side, and complained very loudly with a cry that Clare and I know isn't a winging cry, but a cry of pain. Strange how you can tell the difference, but I am sure other parents know what I mean.

He appeared to be in a great deal of pain, and didn't really want to use his right hand, even to the point of not being able to lift up the juice bottle from the breakfast cupboard. We took him to A&E, and had an XRay. He even smiled and said cheese when they took the photos.

It would appear he has a small fracture in a bone by his wrist. He currently has a temporary plaster on and needs to go back tomorrow morning to have a proper one done. So this Christmas he will have his right arm in plaster. Lets hope Thomas The Tank Engine, Live Tour on 29th December cheers him up. To be honest it doesn't seem to be bothering him a great deal. He was really good having the plaster put on, and it will stop the pain for him. It is due to come off in "a few weeks."

Wonder what will be next?

Posted by Gordon @ 03:27 PM GMT

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