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Sunday, November 13, 2005 : Big Boy School

I haven't written for ages, because there is so much going on at the moment. More recently the big event has been Taylor and Robyn starting Big Boy (and Girl) school. Taylor started at Roke this September, and Robyn started at Atwood. They are both enjoying it as far as we can tell. Taylor gets to walk to school with me, which takes 20 minutes, and the walk home with me on my own takes 15 minutes :-) Taylor always thinks that the walk home for me is boring because I don't have anyone to talk to, but I listen to podcasts on my iPod so I am happy smile

This is what his school uniform is meant to look like, this was taken on his first day with my camera phone, so please excuse the quality. He normally looks close to this when he arrives at school these days, but it is never quite as smart as the first day !!

Roke School (13k image)

More photos to come now I have got some new backdrops for my camera. I suspect Lyn will want to upload a photo of Robyn at some point also. Check back again soon.

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