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Monday, November 26, 2001 : Holiday Time

It has been a while since I wrote in here, and so many things have happened.

First, Clare, Taylor, Grandad Anderton, and myself went on Holiday to Teneriffe. We had a wonderful time, and Taylor throughly enjoyed himself. It was his first time on an aeroplane, and we forgot to take his evening milk with us, so he was awake for most of the trip out. He wasn't too bad, but did get a little hacked off at having to stay still for 4 hours. The journey home was much better, he slept the whole way.

We managed to fit alot into our weeks holiday, including going to the Eagle park, where Taylor got to play with the monkeys, and see all the big birds flying around. Not sure that Clare enjoyed meeting the monkeys as much as Taylor. We went to the Water Park, which was great fun. Flumes everywhere, and Taylor got to swim, and flirt with all the girls. We spent a good deal o our time next to the pool at our apartments, and went for some long walks (my legs ached when I came home) All in all, a great time was had by all. I am now editing the video. I will try and put a snippit up on the website when it is done.

And so that brings us to this week. Taylor is 1 year old this Thursday. Where did the time go. We are celebrating his brithday in Purley on Thursday, and then again on the Sunday at Grandad Andertons House. I have a new digital camera, so expect some new photos sometime next week.

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Monday, November 5, 2001 : Robyn's Christening

Robyn had her special day last Sunday - 28/10/01 she was christened at Sanderstead United Reform Church. She was a super star! she got all dressed up in her dress (the same one that Mummy wore 26 yrs ago!) At the church we met up with loads of people that had come to join us celebrate the occasion, she didn't really cry and even had a chat with Philip the minister! Afterwards we all went onto GAT and GUI's house to carry on the celebrations. Robyn didn't mind being passed around, and she received so many lovely presents. I'm not sure who was more tired once home, Mummy or Robyn!

On the following day, Mummy started her new job looking after Nicole - 5 1/2yrs and Chloe - 4 yrs, we go to their house at 8am, and take them to school, and then have the day to do what we want, then we collect them at 3.15pm and look after them until 6.30pm, Robyn is a great novelty to them at the moment. Unfortunatly the mornings aren't Robyns best time ( a bit like her Mother!!) and she has been very whingy for the time Mummy is trying to get the girls ready for school! (not very helpful).

Robyn is 15 weeks old tomorrow, and weighs 12lb 1oz, her sleeping routine is generally; in bed between 7-7.45pm a bottle at 10pm, and awake at 7-7.15 am (on a work day, I have to wake her) or 8am, any other day.

She is getting so big now, it is amazing how quickly they grow, she is also beginning to know exactly what she wants! One of which, being that she dosen't like being put down..... EVER ! either in her car seat or the buggy, she arches her back and almost throws herself out!! this is not very helpful when you have school runs to do! We are beginning to have battle of wills competitions, and so far its ME thats giving in. She instantly stops crying the moment she is back in your arms! - the little darling!!

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