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Thursday, August 30, 2001 : Progress report

On Tuesday this week, Robyn and I had a busy day, it started by getting lots of boring jobs done, and then taking Grannie to work and doing a bot of shopping. We then went along to the baby clinic to see how much weight Robyn has gained in the last 2 weeks, she was a good girl getting undressed, and she now weighs 8lb 13oz, which means that she has gained over an onze a day!! I also had her length measured, and she has grown 3cm since she was born, making her now 54cms long! this is slightly above average, (I don't know where she gets her height from?!! I asked the health visitor about her trapped wind and the pain it is causing her, and she suggested tryng gripe water as well as Infacol, and that hopefully she will grow out of having trapped wind in the next few weeks.

We then met up with Sarah A, and did what girls do best .... shopping.

Yesterday was a fairly relaxed day which was spent with Robyn's Auntie Clare and cousin Taylor, She is getting very clingly, and much prefers to be having cuddles while she is sleeping, not lying on her own!! And so she wakes everytime she is put down, even when you think she is dead to the world!! This is not very helpful when you want to get things done!

Today Robyn and I have had a long day, we picked up Tina at 9.45am, and drove over to Ashford, in Kent, it took an hour to get there, which Robyn managed to sleep for, but then she was generally awake for the whole time we were there, and we didn't leave until 5pm. Tonight she was over-tired and so took a little longer to settle, and she tried the gripe water for the first time, which she didn't think was very nice, (I don't blame her, I tasted a bit and it was horrid) Generally she is doing really well during the night now, she is asleep between 8.30-9.30pm, sleeps through her midnight bottle, and then begins to stir around 4.30am for her next bottle, but over the last couple of days, that time has been getting later and later, and last night she didn't wake properly until 5.35am!! Thats not bad going I think. thats nearly 9 hours sleep!

Posted by Lyn @ 09:29 PM GMT

Sunday, August 26, 2001 : Robyn's 4th week

Since the last entry, Robyn is now settling down much better at night, I have discovered that her problem was trapped wind, which was giving her a lot of pain in her tummy, (quite upsetting to watch, as you could only do so much to try and bring the wind up) So on Tuesday I introduced Infacol which I give her before each of her feeds, and this is helping, unfortunately it is also makes her a little bit more sick, usually over my bedsheets at 4 o'clock in the morning!! But I can live with that, it's better than seeing her in pain.
She is becoming a very social little girl, going to the park, Waddon Ponds, music, friends houses, and even arts and crafts afternoon, although she couldn't actually participate, she watched intently.

Yesterday she had a rough morning (it started at 5am!!) as she has got the sniffles, and found it very hard to settle, and everytime she did fall asleep when having cuddles, as soon as she was put down she woke and you had to start from scratch again, to calm her down!! hence not a lot got done, and I was still in my nightie at 4pm!! once she had caught up on a couple of hours sleep, she went to her first Birthday party!! Kieran's who was one, although she didn't win pass the parcel! she did receive a party bag!! Then came home and went to bed, all partied out! She must have been exhausted as she slept from 9pm - 5.15am !!

Posted by Lyn @ 11:35 AM GMT

Saturday, August 25, 2001 : A new adventure for Taylor

Clare is in Blackpool for the bank holiday weekend, on a "girls weekend". They go every year, but this year is slightly different as they are also celebrating Sarahs up-coming wedding, and this is a hen weekend for them all. Taylor is staying at Grandad Andertons for the three days. I suspect he is going to be spoilt rotten ;-), and if I know grandad, he will take Taylor for lots of long walks, lets hope the weather stays fine.

There are more photos on the site now, and I am looking at putting in a new system which will allow me to put photos up quicker. Go take a look at Lyns photos page, there is only one at present, but it is her as a baby (how cute). Watch this space.

Posted by Gordon @ 05:49 PM GMT

Thursday, August 23, 2001 : Bad day for Taylor

Yesterday was a bad day for Taylor. He was more sick than he usually is. Clare is wonderful. She takes Taylor to work with her, and manages to do a full time job, as well as looking after him. Every now and then Taylor has a bad day, and this in turn makes it difficult for Clare, but she copes wonderfully. I am not sure that I would be quite as calm if it were me.

Taylor did manage to say "dada" though, last night. I was sitting on the bed saying "dada dada" as you do, and then looked away, and he said it. You can't imagine the joy that I felt at that moment, unless you have experience it yourself. It was a wonderful feeling, and it was shared by both myself and Clare. He is also able to clap his hands I have been told (although he hasn't done it for me yet)

Well, Taylor gets to stay with me today, so I'd better go to bed and get some sleep, before he wakes up, and demands my attention (in the nicest possible way)

Posted by Gordon @ 01:09 AM GMT

Thursday, August 16, 2001 : Robyn's first entry

This week has been quite a busy one for Robyn, on Monday we went out for lunch with nanny Tina at Pizza hut, and Auntie Clare popped round in the afternoon for a quick "munch", then in the evening we had nanny Lee, and Jane over, and helped put Robyn to bed. On Tuesday, we went to the park and met up with some of the other Nannies, and watched the magician, Mr Sausage. (Not as good as her Uncle Gordon!) after that we went to the baby clinic, to see how much Robyn now weighs, and all the others mums thought she was adorable and so cute, the Health visitor was pleased with her progress and she now weighs 7lb 13oz, a total gain of 12oz from her birth weight! On Wednesday Robyn went to her first sports day! that the music group of nannies had organised, although she didn't actually win a race, she enjoyed being in the fresh air, unfortunatly due to the hot weather, she then got very unsettled, and had a restless day. Last night however, she went to bed at 9pm, followed closely by a shattered mum, and slept right through until 5am!!! Mummy was awake at 4am, waiting for her to stir!, she then went back to sleep and gave mummy a lie in until 8.45am!
Today - Thursday, we had a fairly leisurely morning and then went over to see Andy and the girls, but all Robyn wanted to do was Sleep!, which she has done for almost the whole day, so I guess Mummy won't have such a good night tonight!!
Tomorrow, we are joining the rest of the family, and having a family portrait taken, which will be lovely, hopefully Mummy won't have bags under her eyes!!

On a general note, Robyn is doing really well, she's putting on lots of weight, and seems to be growing so quickly, Mummy has already had to take some of the tiny baby clothes out of her drawers as they no longer fit!! She sleeps quite well, and is starting to get a bedtime routine, only 1 out of 4/5 nights tends to be really bad, the others form a pattern of waking between 3-4am then again between 6/7am. She is getting a lot hungrier as each day passes, and even polished of 5oz of milk this lunchtime!!

Posted by Lyn @ 09:29 PM GMT

Thursday, August 16, 2001 : Back from Wight (Isle of)

Well we arrived home late last night. Made quite good time. My navigation unit in the car was programmed to go from Judy's House (where we were staying), to my house, and it figured out the ferry in-between. One of my best investments that.

So, what did we do? Well, we went to Sandown Beach on the first day, spent time just lying around. Taylor didn't like the sea, but I suspect that was just because it was sooo cold (I only put my feet in, and decided that was enough). Because he was now wet though, all the sand stuck to him like a magnet. He made a castle in the sand using his new bucket and spade, but then discovered that his hands were covered in sand, and it looked tasty, so he had a nibble. I think he liked it because the look on his face said: "this is nice, and there is so much of it !!!"

We then went for the first of many walks. I don't think I have walked so much for a long time. My legs are aching. Went to the cinema that evening, locally in Newport, and saw Dr Dolittle 2. Not as good as the first in my opinion.

The second and final day, we went to Robin Hill. It is a sort of walk/theme park/climbing experience. See the website to understand. We all enjoyed it, although we wanted to go on the Tobogan, and it started raining, so they closed the ride ;-(

We then went to Shanklin to look around the shops. We went down the lift to the beach with "Mr. personality" (he wasn't very smiley, or even very happy). We stumbled upon the Shanklin Regatta, and watched the finals of the ladies Tug-of-War. I won a bottle of champagne on the bottle stand, and then it was time to come home. All in all a great trip. We will take Taylor back there soon (as long as Judy doesn't mind) and look around some more. The weather held up for us most of the time, and I came home exhausted. I am looking forward to getting back to work, for a rest ;-)

Posted by Gordon @ 06:40 PM GMT

Monday, August 13, 2001 : Trip to Isle of Wight

Mummy, Daddy and Taylor are going to Isle of Wight for a couple of days tomorrow. This will be Taylors first trip overseas on a boat, I wonder what he'll make of it??? We're hoping to visit the seaside for Taylors first encounter of sand (!!) that should be interesting, how much sand will he eat?? Fingers crossed for nice weather. Let you know how it goes........

Posted by Clare @ 10:26 PM GMT

Sunday, August 12, 2001 : GAT & GUI

Taylor, Clare, Mum, Dad, Lyn, Robyn and myself were all invited over to my aunt and uncles for a BBQ this afternoon. To Taylor they are GAT & GUI - Great Auntie Theo, & Great Uncle Ian. We worked out what Taylor would be to them, and came up with another nickname for him; GNT (Gee n' Tee) - Great Nephew Taylor. How we laughed....., I guess you had to be there.

It was a great afternoon, and we thank GAT & GUI for inviting us around. Taylor entertained us all, and spent most of the time smiling at everyone, but we have come to expect this now. I don't think I have ever met a happier looking baby. Lets hope he keeps this trait throughout his life.

Posted by Gordon @ 11:48 PM GMT

Thursday, August 9, 2001 : The Wedding Picture

I have added pictures of Taylor and friends to his photos section. Clare now has a few photos up. Photos of other people are in progress. If you have a photo to donate to the website, then please let me have a copy. You could send them to me in the post, or email them to me: gordon@drayson.co.uk

sandgjournal (10k image)

This picture was taken on 1st August at Sarah and Grahams wedding, which Clare, Taylor and myself were invited to. It was a great wedding, and Taylor stole some of the attention away from the bride, by being "cute". He was the perfectly behaved baby. Who could ask for anything more? To see this picture larger, look in Taylors Photo Gallery under "Friends and Family"

If you wish to make a comment on this, or any other posting, then click on the link below. I have made it easier to understand, after Peter McCahon, a friend of mine, pointed out that the old system was confusing.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2001 : Teething trouble

Taylor is not having a good time at the moment. We think it's down to teething. His bottom front two teeth are developing nicely, and his top front two are just showing. He is not drinking his milk, instead choosing to chew, and if some milk gets in the way then he drinks it... I placed my little finger in his mouth to see if I could feel how big they were, and he closed his jaw on me. It didn't hurt but it gave me a shock. I shall make sure I don't do that again.

We had a little play of walk to mum, and then back to dad again tonight. He enjoys walking, and is very strong, as long as we don't let go. I wonder if he will skip the crawling stage and just go straight to walking? We are going to have to start looking around the house and making it all safe. Soon the time will come when I have to lift a gate, just to go upstairs. What wonderful times ahead...

Posted by Gordon @ 09:23 PM GMT

Tuesday, August 7, 2001 : A Journal for my family

I have now set up this journal correctly. Greymatter is a great system, and it is free.

I am going to use this journal, to post my thoughts as a new(ish) father, and to record the progress of my son Taylor, as he grows up. Other members of my family may also post information on their lives, and people who affect it. If you have any comments, then please post them. I would be interested to hear your thoughts.

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