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Wednesday, April 30, 2003 : Starting Education !

Taylor started at Cruwys Cherubs today, which is his new pre-school. He will be attending twice a week to begin with on Wednesdays and Fridays, for 3 hours a day.

cherub (13k image)

When we got there, he ran in to play with the toys. So much so, Clare and I had to call him back to say goodbye to him. Guess he is going to enjoy school !!

He had a busy day today, as we go to Tumble Tots at 11am, and then Cherubs from 12:30pm. I expected him to fall asleep on the way home from school, but he didn't he stayed awake. He got to go to bed early tonight though, and was put down at 6:40, and was fast asleep by 6:41 !!

Posted by Gordon @ 10:01 PM GMT

Saturday, April 5, 2003 : Super Taylor

I got an email from Uncle Trev, with a little story about the last time Taylor went to visit him.

Just a quick story about your son. I was looking after Taylor last sunday, when I went outside to put out some rubbish. Taylor was behind me when he shut the front door, seeing as I had no keys on me and no mobile, I was looking through the letterbox, Taylor was grining back at me thinking it was funny, seeing me through the letterbox. I remembered that I left some keys under Sarah`s jacket which was hanging on the end of the bannister. I then got SUPER TAYLOR to pull the jacket down and release the keys. Taylor then picked up the keys and posted them through the letterbox, how relieved was I. He definitely deserve a milky bar treat !!!

Lots of love Uncle Trev x x

Posted by Gordon @ 09:45 AM GMT

Wednesday, April 2, 2003 : Chickenpox

So many things have been happening. It has been very busy in the Drayson/Anderton House. Taylor is now stringing words together into sentences, and is learning new words every day. It is a very exciting time, you never know what he is going to say next.

Bear in The Big Blue House Taylor with Chickenpox

He is a big fan of "Bear", from "Bear in the Big Blue House". Today he even started singing the goodbye song. Take a look if you have children, or even if you don't as it is great for adults as well (I enjoy it, the music is great)

However, over the few days, he has come out with chickenpox. Not very nice. He has spots in places I didn't realise spots could exists.... His whole body (apart from his tummy which is quite clear) is covered in spots. Poor chap is suffering. He is being very good though, by not scratching and sleeping lots. He just has the energy to watch "Bear" and "Bob", lucky we have the latest DVD's of each for him to watch :-)

Let's hope he recovers quickly. Clare and I are quite happy that he is having it now before he starts nursery, as it gets it over with. I think it is much better for children to get it at this age, rather than later, they will deal with it much better now I believe. I will write again with more news as it happens.

Posted by Gordon @ 04:31 AM GMT

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