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Sunday, March 11, 2007 : Elias' Trifle

This morning, Taylor came into our bedroom to play, a Sunday morning, having got himself some breakfast. A few weeks back, he won an SPD Gun on eBay, and was forever asking us if it had arrived, every afternoon when we picked him up from school. Luckily for our sanity, it arrived (from Hong Kong) on Friday.

He came over to the bed with his gun, and said "Right I'm going to shoot you". He then told us that his friend Elias had a trifle, a real one with bullets and everything. Having stopped laughing, I asked Taylor if he knew what a trifle looked like, and he said no, so I looked one up on Google Images for him. It wasn't quite what he was expecting. All I can think of now is Elias going around shooting people with his trifle !!! I think he meant rifle, but he is still calling it a trifle big grin

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