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10/31/2004 Entry: "Halloween 2004"

Happy Halloween to One and All.

For the first time ever, I cut out a pumpkin to Taylors design. They are a lot thicker walled than I had ever thought they would be. So what do you think of my first ever effort?

pumpkin (17k image)

We decided to go out trick or treating tonight, and it seems that it is becoming a lot more popular in this country now. We only walked down 5 streets nearby to us, and both Taylor and Robyn came home with bulging bags of sweets. Should keep them going till at least the middle of the week.

vampire (41k image)

Taylor was dressed as a Vampire, and Robyn as a Devil, although she kept pointing out to everyone that she was a "nice" devil. :D - They are both going to a Halloween Party tomorrow, so there may be some more photos to come.

In other news, Taylor has come on in leaps and bounds with his bike riding. A couple of months ago he asked me to take off the stabalisers, "like all the big boys" - which I did, and after a couple of trips out, he was managing to ride it quite well. Since then, he is a fantastic rider for his age. We go to the Kenley Aerodrome to ride (including myself and Clare !!) and today managed to get all the way around, which is quite a distance. I'm not sure who got the most exercise, Taylor or us. Photos to follow soon.

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