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12/15/2002 Entry: "The Plaster Cast"

He is doing ever so well with his cast. It is very anoying for him when he goes to bed, as it takes him time to find a comfortable position, and also when he has a bath, as it is not allowed to get wet. Apart from that, he is battling on, without bringing much attention to it, just like his dad would (!)

I gave him a small box of raisins, which he held in his good hand, and took a raisin with his bad hand. He then found that his hand wouldn't go to his mouth, and because of the cast going over his elbow, the best he could do, was to put it in his left ear, as that was in the arc that his arm could manage. After I stopped laughing, I helped him by transfering the box to his bad hand, at which point he said "ahh"

For such an observant, and clever lad, he can be a donut sometimes.

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