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11/10/2002 Entry: "The trouble with bedtime...."

Over the last few nights we have had a few problems with Tinks. Since 20th October, when he got back from his week away at Grandad Andertons, his cot has been tuned into a bed. He has been quite good, although we put a bed rail up to stop him falling out in the middle of the night, and he also has a door guard on the outside of his door, to keep him in his room should he wake up.

The problem is that he is not going to bed when we want him to. Instead he is deciding to come and open the door, press his head against the netting of the door guard, to see round the corner, and grin at us. We have tried both telling him nicely that it is time for bed, and he will feel so much better if he gets a good nights sleep, to the shouting "BED NOW" at him. Both ways work for about 5 minutes, and then he is back up again, opening the door and peering out.

Tonight however, we had another problem. He got real tired during one of his trips to the bedroom door, and fell asleep. It was my turn to check him, but I couldn't open the door, due to him being fast asleep on the inside, a little like a human draught excluder. Not only that, but he had his muzzy there, and was all curled up...

With a bit of gentle pushing, the door opened enough for me to squeeze in and put him to bed. I think that will be the last we hear of him tonight. Wonder what tomorrow brings?

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