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03/31/2002 Entry: "Nearly Crawling!"

I can't believe how quickly time flys, Robyn is now 8 months old and the last time I wrote an entry into this journal she was 15 weeks!! Like Clare and Gordon I will atempt to write a little more often.

So much has happened since october, they grow up and have new accomplishes (excuse the spelling, this was never my strong point!!) every day. For Christmas she recieved a play nest from Grannie and Gramps, which is a toy designed to help you sit, and since then her sitting ability grew from strength to strength, she also got a whirly gig garden, which she loves, you have to press the blue button (which she can now find and press by herself) and then 4 rotating disc's spin, and takes around everything that is on these disc's from one end to the other, it also plays a rather catchy tune, (which gets very repetitive, after 20 mins!!) Robyn thinks this toy is great, it was very funny when she dropped her dummy on the spinning disc's, and she tried so hard to catch it, as it kept moving up and down the line in front of her, she never did manage to grasp it!! very frustrating for her!

Robyn has also discovered the world of finger foods, she likes to try everything, edible or not!! her favourite past-time is eating, providing she gets to do it! We were at a friends party the other day and after all the other children had left the table Robyn was still sitting there shovelling party food into her mouth, (reguardless of the fact that her mouth was still full and couldn't possibily hold anymore!)

Robyn went for her routine 8 month check with the Health Visitor last week, and despite not being in her most co-opertive mood she did very well, she was eating a rusk when we went in (food again!) and the Health Visitor was very impressed with how well she feeds herself, and the co-ordination of hand to mouth. Robyn is going to be tall and slender I think (nothing like her parents!) she is quite low on her weight graph, weighing only 15lbs 9oz (which isn't anything to worry about, it just means Mummy has to put up with carrying her car seat around for another few months, as she needs to be 20lbs before she can go into her next seat) however her hieght is 70cms!! which is way above average for her age!! Not far off Taylor!

We went through teething for the 1st time about a month ago, when she got 2 bottom teeth at the same time, this messed up Robyn's routine, and we went back to a lot of disturbed nights, I have discovered a homepathic pain reliever which she loves, unfortunatly it comes in a powder form so looks like cocaine!! goodness knows what people must think when I give it to her!

Robyns latest project is mastering the art of crawling! She has the concept of what to do, and is now able to get into the correct position, but then after thinking about it for a minute, and attempting to move in order to get the toy, dummy, food, Kizzie's tail! she then collapses! and goes back to the rolling, wriggling, commando style way of moving.

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