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03/27/2002 Entry: "Laughing in Tesco's"

Clare, Taylor and I went shopping in Tesco's tonight, and babe was great. He was in his all in one, quite tired, but didn't want to sleep, as he might miss something.

We were doing our shopping, and every now and then, I would push the trolly away from me, so it left my hands, and then chase after it, catching it just before it stopped. Taylor was laughing out loud, and several other shoppers stopped and watched him laugh. It was great.

Sunday Night, Taylor was walking around the landing just before bed-time. I said "Bed-time" and he walked into his room, and went straight up to his cot. "In you get", and he lifted his right leg to try and climb in. Very cute.

Tomorrow, we are back at GymBabes, having missed a week, due to having to go to the Doctors with his chest infection (which seems to be much better now, but not fully gone) And then after that, we are going to visit Uncle Neil at work, and say hello, maybe even go for some lunch. It's a hard life being a baby.

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Blue - I never ever thought you would find supermarket shopping such fun. You can all come and do mine for me if you wish!!

Happy Easter to all three of you. I will try not to eat too many eggs, but having given up chocolate for lent, it could be all systems go (literally!) on Easter Sunday!



Posted by GAT @ 03/27/2002 11:05 AM GMT

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