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12/04/2001 Entry: "Taylors "1st Birthday" Weekend"

Taylor had 3 birthday parties.

The first was on his birthday, Thursday, 29th November, in the afternoon. Clare had arranged a tea party for some of his "nanny" friends and children. I was unable to be there as I was working for someone else who's birthday was the same day. From what I hear, it went very well, and everyone had a great time. Taylor even had a birthday cake.

The second was an open house in the evening for friends and family. We had a house-full, including Mum, Dad, Lyn, Robyn, David, Neil, Sarah and Trevor, Marianne, Clive and family, and neighbours. I am sure I've left someone out. It was a great evening. Taylor got loads of presents. We have to find space for all his new toys. There are so many of them, it won't be long before we need to buy the house next door, just to store them. Taylor got another birthday cake at this party as well.

mrmencake (13k image)The third party was on Sunday, at Grandad Andertons house. As there are so many friends and family who live up that way, we decided to celebrate there as well, after all, he is only 1, once in his life. There was loads of food, so much that we brought about 3 bags of uneaten food home with us. I think everyone had a good time. It was nice to see so many people taking time out of their busy lives to join us, especially those who travelled up from London to be there. I think grandad was a little overwelmed as his house was being taken over, but we were very grateful to him, and I suspect that the counciling will help ;-)

Taylor had yet another birthday cake at this party, although this one was very different. It was specially made for Taylor, and looked (and tasted) great.

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