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10/07/2001 Entry: "This weekend"

Taylor has had a busy weekend, on Saturday he spent the day with Grannie and Gramps and they took him to Godstone farm. Aparrently he loved seeing all the animals and he had a play in the soft play area. he enjoyed himself and Mummy was told that he had been a good boy!!! Despite having a temperature he was still good and stayed overnight at there house too. He slept in Auntie Lyn's room and got her up at 8am!! Mummy and Daddy had a lovely evening out and enjoyed a lie-in until 10.40 am. It was bliss. A big thank you to Grannie, Gramps and Auntie Lyn.

ON Sunday afternoon, Mummy, Daddy, Taylor, Auntie Lyn and Robyn went to Tigers Eye in Merton for the afternoon. I don't know who had more fun, Daddy or Taylor!! Taylor went in the ball pool area, bouncy castle and into the big boy bit with Daddy. Daddy said Taylor wanted to go in it.... Robyn was very contented to watch the world go by and see all the lovely colours. It won't be long before she will be able to join in.

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