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08/07/2001 Entry: "Teething trouble"

Taylor is not having a good time at the moment. We think it's down to teething. His bottom front two teeth are developing nicely, and his top front two are just showing. He is not drinking his milk, instead choosing to chew, and if some milk gets in the way then he drinks it... I placed my little finger in his mouth to see if I could feel how big they were, and he closed his jaw on me. It didn't hurt but it gave me a shock. I shall make sure I don't do that again.

We had a little play of walk to mum, and then back to dad again tonight. He enjoys walking, and is very strong, as long as we don't let go. I wonder if he will skip the crawling stage and just go straight to walking? We are going to have to start looking around the house and making it all safe. Soon the time will come when I have to lift a gate, just to go upstairs. What wonderful times ahead...

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